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Project Description
This project is util to automate email checking.
It clicks on interesting links in each mail.
Can be used to automate some registration process or confirmation process

Hi everybody

This is one of my freelance projects. What it does:
*After launch you have ability to set up various email accounts(with SSL if you want),
*You can setup proxy lists
*You can setup various search expressions(links are searched by them)

This is WPF graphically and WWF internal working system, so it is stable and easy to change.

Project references and usings

WPFToolkit ( for interface LumiSoft pop3 client and for logging

The History:

The buyer for this project wanted me to deliver a fully functional, bugless application with reach interface with some banner in it. (half of requirements were not stated in opening).
So he wanted complete project that can be delivered to end users for 70$, and he were asking for changes again and again. I tried to dispute price but he simple don't understand why my time worth paying... And he founded new and new things for me to be done in that 70$. only 35$ of them were actually payd. So i'm asking you: is it worth to do such job for such man? 9 hours of professional, highly educated IT professional with 6 years of expirience and sciencific background for 35$. This make me laugh.

Anyway, if you have found this project interesting for you needs - i'm glad.

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